Research Tools Created

The following are current research tools:

Wide5 Head Mounted Display

The Wide5 Head Mounted Display is a very wide field of view display enabling the creation of immersive environments.

It is being shown at the Siggraph 2006 Conference in Boston at the Guerilla Studio in conjunction with the optical tracker from Phasespace.

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Multi Use Light Engine (MULE) Projector

The Mule projector is capable of displaying structured light at rates exceeding 2kHz. A demonstration entitled "Snared Illumination" will be at the Emerging Technologies section of Siggraph 2004.

Link to the Siggraph 2004 Emerging Technologies exhibit.

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The Pinch Gloves

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For sales see IODisplays.
The Logitech Ultrasonic Tracker

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For sales see IODisplays.

Other devices in use include the following:

Boom Displays

The venerable Boom displays. Made in several varieties, monochrome, two color, and three color versions. These displays were designed to work with SGI Crimson, Onyx Reality, and Onyx 2 Infinite Reality graphics. Used very high resolution custom dual CRT displays and field sequential color shutters.
The Chameleon

The Chameleon, with a high resolution LCD on the end of the Boom. Integrated with touchscreen. Used by Alias Research and U. of Toronto by Bill Buxton's Group, and George Fitzmaurice in particular.

FS2 Display

The FS2 display. Designed to let the user have their hands free. These are generally used sitting rather than standing.

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