Interesting Research Projects

Recent work on DLP technology (soon for public release)

In 2001 / 2002 Mark Bolas and Ian McDowall were Assistant Professors at Keio University in Japan. In collaboration with the faculty Scott Fisher (now Director of Interactive Media at the USC Film School), Kenji Kohiyama, and Mizuko Ito (now at Annenberg at USC) and students at DoCoMo House, we created several projects. The first is a mobile, camera based augmented reality system. This mobile system has differential GPS, stereo cameras, a laptop, and a stereo head mounted display system. Tags in the augmented world could be entered using one's mobile phone to create tags, send images, and all that cool phone stuff that is enabled in Japan and embraced with such enthusiasm that it's infectious and fun to explore (also see related mobile blogging work at Also worked with a unique monocular glasses mounted display with video from webcams.

Also participated in a project called I-Book. Created a two screen active book for use by older folks in Japan. Interface designed to kollow the traditions of the shared diaries in Japan. Worked with a talented student to integrate the software to bring the prototype to life for real uses testing with NTT Learning Systems, the partner on the project.

An early story board:

The final story board:

The functional prototype, the actual implementation, and user testing in Tokyo:

User testing at NTT Learning Systems in Tokyo was very interesting. The test subjects were real and the testing more informative that expected. The interface worked better and the book form was more compelling than anticipated. The user testing also highlighted cultural issues you can't find out any other way. Notice how the stylus is being held for example, not how you might expect.

Fakespace Labs also worked with Keio in the summer of 2001 on equipment for their Siggraph demonstration in Emerging technologies called Micro Archiving

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