Papers and Publications

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Siggraph 2006 Poster (with ICT & USC)

IEEE VR 2006 (with USC & ICT)

Fast Light presented IEEE VR 2005 (with USC)

Siggraph 2005 Sketch (with ICT)

IEEE CG&A 2004 Projects in VR

Synthetic Aperture Confocal Imaging (with Stanford University)

Micro Archiving and Interactive Insect Exhibit (KEIO University)

Interaction Devices for Hands on Desktop Design (Stanford University)

IEEE CG&A Paper, February 2004

Paper about stereo and DLP and projected environments.

Paper describing multi user stereo and other DLP tricks. With Terry Schmidt at Christie Digital. SPIE 2001

Driving Virtual Reality experiences with music. Interface approaches and other thoughts. SPIE 1996

The various types of Virtual Model Displays. SPIE 1997

A paper about using physical devices in virtual environments, in particular paletts and their use on benches, walls, and other projected VR systems. SPIE

Multi-Person Stereo, Siggraph Paper with the Stanford Computer Graphics Lab

Description of various Boom Displays, from way back in 1994, SPIE

An early paper about minimally invasive surgical applications and simulations.SPIE

Early Paper about the variety of equipment available in the mid 1990's for Virtual Reality Researchers. SPIE

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