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Fakespace Labs

Established as Fake Space Labs in 1990, the company emerged out of a
project at NASA Ames Research Center. Since that time it has developed
and sold a variety of innovative devices for working within virtual
environments. In the late 1990's the company spun out Fakespace Systems,
Inc. as an independent business with a commercial focus on large format
stereoscopic displays such as the CAVE.

Fakespace Labs continues to focus on research and development in
immersive displays and virtual reality systems. Recent developments include
new direct-view HMDs enabled by recently available advanced microdisplay
technologies. Fakespace Labs is an independent company from Fakespace
Systems. The company has developed and sold a number of products in the
virtual reality marketplace. These products include the BOOM display, FS2,
Pinch Glove, Immersive Workbench, and other custom projects.


Government customers include branches of the Department of Defense,
Department of Energy, and NASA. Commercial customers include well
known clients such as Daimler Chrysler, Google, IO Displays, Virtual
Research. Research clients include Stanford University, and Silicon Valley
venture funded startups. Education and entertainment clients include the
Museum of Science and Industry and Sapporo Brewery in Japan.

Fakespace Labs has worked in close collaboration with the following

Boeing / Chrysler / Lockheed Martin Missles & Space
Stanford University / University of Southen California
Fakespace Labs, Inc.