Wide5 HMD
Practical Immersive Display Technologies
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WIDE5 HMD Applications

Government Training - First responders, fire fighters, police,
National Guard, SWAT and other intensely trained professions will
greatly benefit from wide FOV HMDs, as skills can be maintained
remotely and at an individual scale with an immersive virtual trainer.
Also for Marine Close Quarters Battle Training (CQB) and dismounted
infrantry training (DIT)

Military Remotes - The development and use of remote piloted
vehicles is increasing. Use of wide FOV immersive displays will be a big
part of creating situational awareness for the vehicle operators

Military Systems Training - Virtual training on future weapons
systems can be envisaged. With a dual resolution option it enables both
situational awareness and detailed operations

Design Review - CAD data review for inhabited spaces such as
automotive interiors, cockpit design, architecture, and advertising design

Entertainment - As the cost of immersive experiences has dropped
and the available content for game platforms have developed in
complexity and proliferated there are growing opportunities for HMDs
that provide a more compelling three-dimensional experience

The Wide5 HMD is compatible with most VR and 3D software packages,
motion trackers, and input devices, and can be easily integrated into
your systems and applications.
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