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Fakespace Labs

Our Goal is to invent and develop techniques and technologies that provide a compelling sense of synthetic presence and enable users to actually perceive computer generated "virtual worlds" as real. This provides a fluent and seamless environment for training, and for the synthesis and analysis of extremely complex data.

Leadership In Visualization

Fakespace Labs researches and develops advanced visualization technologies and devices to facilitate more intuitive human computer interaction. With a long legacy of innovation in the development of immersive displays and virtual reality systems, the company brings a multi-disciplinary approach and expertise in optical, electronic and mechanical sub-systems to its custom and commercial market design work.

As one of the first developers of immersive visualization and virtual reality systems, Fakespace Labs brings more than 15 years experience in developing fully integrated immersive systems that solve business, government and research problems.


To work with research, manufacturing and training organizations to facilitate more intuitive human perception of computer-generated information. The company's expertise in displays, display-based signal processing, rapid rate displays, optics, illumination, and human-computer interface issues makes it uniquely qualified for this work.
Fakespace Labs, Inc.